Why An Office Of The Animal Advocate?

The purpose of this article is to answer the question of why the Australian Vegan Party seeks to create an office of the animal advocate instead of independent office of animal welfare as proposed by other parties.

What Is It?

As the name suggests, the Office will be established to advocate for the animals, on any matter that has an impact on them.

Any time that a matter relating to animals was before the courts, the OAA would be there to advocate the position of the animal(s). They would also be able to initiate matters in the court system too.

For example, if a planned development was going through an area of important habitat for a Koala population, the OAA would be able to challenge the development in court.

How Is It Different?

The most obvious difference between the OAA and IOAW is that the IOAW only seek to ensure that the use of other animals complies with the legislation or Code of Practice of the day.

The OAA is there to actually advocate for the animals, and in effect, be their voice in the court system.

The IOAW can only exist if other animals are still being used as a resource, and isn’t something that any vegan should be promoting.