Creating Fear Out Of Nothing

There has been a bit of talk around social media about a new political party being registered in Qld.

Instead of welcoming the registration in Queensland of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, the yet to be registered Animal Justice Party Queensland is using it to shame and scare people into joining them.

Despite what they say, this is actually a good thing.

What it means is that there are now 500 less people who will be voting for one of the two major parties.

It also means that there are 500 more potential voters for a party that ISN’T the ALP or LNP.

Despite what has been said, having a SFFP candidate elected into Qld parliament isn’t really going to make things “worse” for the animals.

Just yesterday, Qld’s Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries, The Honourable Mark Furner, put out a media statement “backing” Qld beef producers.

He was also boasting about the Palaszczuk Government contributing funding to undertake studies to forecast herd rebuilding time, and assess the commercial viability of more slaughterhouses across the state.

Some of you may remember, building more slaughterhouses was one of the ideas that NSW Animal Justice Party MP, Mark Pearson, proposed to end live export when standing as a Senate candidate. (With his recent support of the AMIEU/ACTU motion to end live export by building more slaughterhouses, he doesn’t appear to have changed his position on it).

The Australian Vegan Party is the ONLY party that actively promotes veganism and has it as one of their core policies.

We even have the word Vegan in our name.

We will end the exploitation of other animals with the creation of an Office of Animal Advocate.

Whereas the Independent Office of Animal Welfare, proposed by the Animal Justice Party and others will be nothing more than a token body that seeks to improve current practices.

Remember, any political party that attempts to shame you into joining them, isn’t one you should be seeking to join in the first place.

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