Palaszczuk Government Is Wasting Money Propping Up An Unsustainable Unethical Pastime

In a hypocritical move after banning plastic bags to save marine life and reduce pollution in our waterways, the Palaszczuk Government is spending over $800,000 to restock dams and weirs with native fish, only to have them killed by recreational anglers.

Rather than keeping our waterways clean, and with a stable ecosystem, the Palaszczuk government is stocking them with thousands of juvenile fish called a fingerling. (They are called that because they are about the size of a finger).

The Australian Vegan Party calls on the Palaszczuk government to remove access to any Queensland waterway for the purposes of fishing. Recreational or otherwise.

In a society where canned hunts of “big game” are being condemned overseas, it hypocritical of the Queensland government to not only condone the “canned hunting” of fish, they are actively encouraging it by selling fishing permits and establishing the Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme.

Discarded fishing lines and hooks don’t only pose a threat to marine life, they also do to birds and other animals who use the waterways.

With the Palaszczuk government talking up faux Human Rights Bill 2018, as their commitment to human rights, it is high time they did the same thing for other animals.

Help the ONLY political party that puts veganism at the front of everything it does.

It is only with your help and support that we can bring about the vegan future that everyone wants.


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