Palaszczuk Government Shouldn’t Be Opening Prawn Farms

Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture Mossman
Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture – Mossman
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Instead of promoting an archaic industry at Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture, the Palaszczuk Government should be finding ways to reduce our demand for animals.

With Queensland’s Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner admitting that “wild caught product cannot keep up with growing global demand for seafood protein”, the time is here to move away from animal based food.

Just because a particular practice is “the fastest growing food industry globally”, shouldn’t be a reason for Queensland to become a participant in it.

Instead of opening up establishments that encourage our reliance on animal based protein, the Palaszcuk Government should be working with these companies to develop ethical and sustainable sea vegetable farms.

With the public demanding that land based animal food providers move away intensive farming to source their products, the Australian Vegan Party cannot believe that the Palaszcuk Government would condone something worse for marine animals.

Black Tiger Prawns have a FCR of around 1.5, which means that 1.5kg of feed produce 1kg of live weight prawns. This makes them an inefficient way of producing a food item.

Raising 1 ton of fish takes 8 tons of water. Intensive shrimp production takes up to 10 times more water. In a dry climate like Queensland where over 58% of the state is in drought, this is not something we should be wasting our water on?

The Australian Vegan Party is the only political party that advocates for veganism, and will assist animal based farms transition to plant based farms through low interest state bank loans.

Queensland has the idea climate to be at the forefront of the plant based food revolution. Now is the time to do it.

Not decades later when we will have to play catch up.

Help the ONLY political party that puts veganism at the front of everything it does.

It is only with your help and support that we can bring about the vegan future that everyone wants.


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