Companion Animals

Over 60 % of Australian households are said to be home to animals other than human.

Just because everyone does something, doesn’t make it right.

It is also a sad indicator of the state of our society that people would choose companionship with a member of another species.

It is also impossible for society to respect the rights of other animals, yet use them as a “companion”.

Even if it was somehow possible to “keep” an animal as a ‘companion’, doing so would conflict with the aims of the Office of Animal Advocate. Or, it would result in a situation where every case of animal “ownership” would need to be argued individually.

In conjunction with other developing policies, the Australian Vegan Party will seek to create a society where there is no need for “companion animals”.

To achieve this, the sale of any animal will be outlawed in the way that the sale of humans is outlawed.

We will seek a 10-year phase-in of this law and a 20-year phase-out of animal “ownership”