Rather Than Defining Lamb, Minister Littleproud Should Be Defining Australia’s Contribution To The Vegan Revolution

Instead of making a change to how lambs are classified when exported, Australia’s Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud, should be making sure Australia defines its position as the leader in plant-based foods.

To placate the animal agricultural industry and the Meat and Livestock Association, the Minister is changing the definition of how baby sheep can be called “lamb” when exported.

The old definition was that as soon as the baby sheep had visible incisor teeth they were classified as the less profitable “hogget” or mutton.

Bowing to industry pressure to make the babies more profitable, the Minister is amending the Export Control (Meat and Meat Products) Orders 2005, to define lamb as being a baby when they have “two permanent incisor teeth, so long as those teeth are new and have not begun to wear”.

For every decision, such as these that the Minister makes that helps animal agricultural make the exploitation of other animals more profitable, he does so at the expense of Australia’s plant based farmers.

As the Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud should be bringing Australia to the forefront of plant-based food production, rather than appeasing the resource intensive, and inefficient animal agricultural industry.

Research tells us that plant-based food can produce twofold to 20-fold more nutritionally similar food per unit cropland when compared to animal-based foods.

The Australian Vegan Party is the only political party that advocates for veganism, and will assist animal based farms transition to plant-based farms through low-interest State bank loans.

Help the ONLY political party that puts veganism at the front of everything it does.

It is only with your help and support that we can bring about the vegan future that everyone wants.


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